Cost of transportation in Italy, San Marino and Vatican. The freight cost is proportional to the weight/volume of the shipment and is calculated and displayed automatically on our site's shopping cart.

Euro 6.00 up to 2 Kg p/v; 7.80 euro up to 5 Kg p/v; 9.55 euros up to 20 Kg p/v; The cost is displayed automatically in the shopping cart before and during the execution of the order and is calculated based on the weight and volume of the items purchased. P/V indicates the volume weight ratio. Commission for cash: 258.00 € 7.00 Euro order value until, over 2% in proportion to the value of the shipment. The calculation of this charge will be added to the total order at time of shipment. For deliveries by courier with payment (credit card, PayPal) only apply shipping charges. You can also use the vector of the customer provided when placing the order is transmitted the subscription number and/or the number of pickup.

Delivery time

All orders received and paid for no later than 12.00 and whose material is available, are processed within the same day. Orders received in the afternoon Friare shipped the following day. If you choose method of payment bank transfer or cheque, orders will be withheld pending verification of payment. Shipments are normally dealt with by courier throughout the country. Deliveries are made, barring unforeseen circumstances, normally within 24/48 hours of shipment.
Note: orders received and processed during holidays, weekdays and weekends, are shipped the first working day. In case of cash on delivery, GSM srl reserves the right to request additional information and/or documentation to the customer, proving the identity of the originator, in order to avoid and prevent problems during delivery and payment to the carrier. As a result of the above, the processing times of orders requiring payment on delivery can be higher.

Reception Of Goods

Upon delivery of the goods the customer shall verify:
-the number of packages delivered match as ordered;
-the packaging is intact and not altered even closing tapes. In case of tampering and/or breaking the customer shall immediately challenge the shipment and/or delivery adding the word "YOU ACCEPT SUBJECT to VERIFICATION" the document accordinglyna received by courier or by other operators. The client then must report any damage within 7 (seven) days of receipt of the goods in the manner prescribed by the carrier you choose for shipping and/or delivery and/or service provider and according to the terms of the General conditions of sale, posted on our website. In the event that the customer fails to collect within 5 (five) working days of the goods ordered and in stock at the warehouse of the carrier because of repeated inability to delivery to the address indicated by the customer when placing the order, the same order will be cancelled and you will be billed for the costs of storage and return to quantify

from time to time.